Kirin is an application to create MSI based Windows Installers. It is designed to be as simple and flexible as possible and is therefore very suitable to handle install requirements for most software.


  • Package icon and version can be associated with your application main executable so you don't have to manually specify the product version on each update.
  • No need to learn specific scripting languages just to create an installation package.
  • Create native images and install them into the native image cache on the local computer (for .NET assemblies).
  • Supports instalation of files, folders, shortcuts and Windows services.
  • Ability to modify environment variables and registry values.
  • Pad files are automatically generated for installation packages.
  • Validate generated installations to make sure they comply with Micrososft guidelines.
  • Wix code can be reviewed and modified before creating the package.
  • Files can be conditionally installed only on specific architectures allowing you to create hybrid x86 and x64 installers.
  • Ability to create launch conditions.

Kirin is powered by Wix.

Download Kirin 1.2.4120
5.6 MB

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows requires the .NET Framework 4.0 or later.