• Ability to reply in private to multiline commands.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved handling of invalid arguments on the Binds_XXX commands.
  • Improved reconnect when the connection to the server is lost.
  • Removed UIThread hangs when sending multi line commands.
  • Added multi server support.
  • Improved role management.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Channels, commands, users and words can now be configured on a per server basis.
  • Ability to query game servers without having to supply the server ip.
  • Fixed a denial of service vulnerability in the calc command.
  • Updated sample plugins.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Improved console text scrolling.
  • Added UPnP support.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Updated QueryGameServer plugin (supports Left4Dead).
  • Added Bot_SayMirror command.
  • Added Right To Left support.
  • Improved bot profile management.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Changed default news feeds.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Decreased the number of messages sent to the user when using the commands Google, Imdb and News_Search.
  • Ability to select from different user interface themes.
  • Cleaned up language files.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Added 64-bit support.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Ability to reorder and toggle the visibility of column headers.
  • Ability to configure ignored tags.
  • Installer is now based on WIX.
  • Ability to disable logging.
  • Bug fixes.


  • All commands sent to plugins are now run on a different thread preventing the bot from locking up on unresponsive plugins.
  • Removed some validated commands.
  • Changed default news feeds.
  • Ability to view tag clouds of subscribed feeds.
  • Replaced horoscope plugin with whois plugin.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Ability to use temporary bans with Bot_Ban nick | mask [#channel] [duration].
  • Decreased memory usage.
  • Improved high DPI support.
  • Improved news searching.
  • Ability to resize tabs.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved user interface for managing channels, words, users and known users.
  • IRC control codes are now stripped from text sent to channels that block it.
  • ExecuteCommand can now be called from threads inside plugins.
  • Changed plugin interface.
  • Speed improvements.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved dialogs for adding known words and seen users.
  • Added support to irc services that request password via PRIVMSG.
  • Changed plugin interface to include the reason when a nick is removed.
  • Confession command only includes nicks in the current channel.
  • Alice chat requests are now made in a different thread.
  • Added more command descriptions.
  • Cleaned up language files.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved dialogs for adding commands, supervised channels and users.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.
  • Improved Windows Vista support.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Removed Google SOAP API because it is deprecated.
  • Improved Windows Vista support.
  • Improved pandora bots support.
  • Cleaned up language files.
  • Removed some bloat.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Plg_CalcXX commands are now run on a different thread in a sandbox environment and have a execution time limit associated with them.
  • Changed plugin interface to better conform to .NET Framework guidelines.
  • Ability to add users with multiple hosts.
  • Cleaned up language files.
  • Simplified options dialog.
  • Security improvements.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Remoting server and Web Service interaction are now working again.
  • You can now drag and drop a opml file from your browser to import a feed list.
  • HTML log format now includes background colors and produces valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • Added support to SQLite logging.
  • Added support to additional smilies.
  • Replaced some icons.
  • Added more command descriptions.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Completed conversion to C# (previous versions were made in VisualBasic.NET).
  • Command descriptions are now shown when executing the commands \help or \cmdlist.
  • Secure servers connections via SSL are working again.
  • Update information is now also shown on the console.
  • Proxy credentials for feed downloading can now be specified.
  • Improved user interface and removed some bloat.
  • Improved color and smiley matching.
  • Changed log and news sites update frequency.
  • Ability to cancel long news searches.
  • Extreme refactoring and bug fixes.
  • Improved lag detection.


  • Severall parts of the application logic now run on different threads improving performance.
  • Converted all collections to generics and lots of refactoring.
  • Ability to run plugin commands from the console.
  • Improved OPML import/export.
  • Improved autocomplete of commands.
  • Improved HTML log format standards compliance.
  • Images are now included in HTML log format (note that internet explorer doesn't support base 64 encoded images).
  • Improved news parser.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved security (dropped MD5 and SHA-1 encryption for AES, SHA-512 and SecureStrings).
  • You can now drag and drop a url from your browser to configure a site feed.
  • Improved speed and smaller memory footprint.
  • HTML log format produces valid HTML 4.01 Transitional.
  • Ability to search news with wildcards.
  • Converted to .NET Framework 2.0.
  • Improved news parser.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Search results are now treated like a site feed and they are restored when the program is reopened.
  • Administrators news topics are now available on the feed list.
  • Feed names have friendly titles instead of the feed url.
  • Ability to export search results to rss.
  • All passwords are now stored in encrypted form.
  • Improved SSL support.
  • Improved news parser.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved support for running the bot under limited accounts.
  • Ability to import/export news sites from/to opml files.
  • Removed ascii commands.
  • Improved news search.
  • Improved news parser.
  • Added support to gzip/deflate encoding.
  • Bug fixes.


  • The feed list now shows icons on the feeds that support it.
  • Feed parsing is now much faster.
  • A reorganization was made on the command list.
  • Added support to left hand smileys.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Dropped MySql support because ByteFx.Data is no longer maintained and its successor is under GPL license.
  • If a user types a word that's in the known words list the bot will tell its meaning.
  • It's now possible to specify the channels that a user has access to.
  • Ability to use custom alice variations by specifying the pandorabot id.
  • Improved news parser.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Added nickometer command which will tell you how 'lame' an IRC nick is.
  • Now the bot also responds to commands typed in natural language like "<nick1> botnick, seen nick2".
  • Improved news parser.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Internal console messages are not modified by Hacker, Elite and Alternate Caps modes.
  • Alice mode is no longer based on IAimlBot due to various bugs in that implementation and now uses instead the official A.L.I.C.E.
  • Setup file is now 500 KB smaller.
  • Added Hacker and Alternate Caps modes.
  • Improved news parser.
  • Bug fixes.


  • When searching news the searched words are highlighted.
  • Added support for FireBird logging.
  • Automatic discovery of RSS and Atom feeds.
  • Ability to specify the type of ban.
  • Added support to Atom feeds.
  • Improved news parser.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Added support to mode +x (Hide Host) supported by some networks.
  • Performance improvements when managing busy channels.
  • If the parameter nick isn't specified for the commands !Op, !DeOp, !Voice, !DeVoice, !COp, !CDeOp they will be set to the user that used the command.
  • Ability to specify an alternative nick.
  • Security improvements.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Secure servers connections are now supported via SSL.
  • Improved nick and ident matching (added support to ?, *, # wildcard characteres).
  • Severall improvements in console text layout.
  • Removed some garbage from alice answers.
  • Bug fixes.


  • It's now possible to specify the maximum number of chars per news item.
  • Ability to automatically identify users and keep users identified even if nick changes.
  • Improved plugin interface and plugin samples.
  • The bash command now caches 50 quotes the first time it is used instead of downloading a new quote every time.
  • Ability to change validated commands prompt.
  • Improved service nicks detection.
  • Ability to specify server password.
  • Interface improvements.
  • Improved news parser.
  • Bug fixes.


  • A c# plugin sample was added that allows querying the state of game servers for 105 supported games including Counter Strike, Quake 3 and Doom 3.
  • Added the "!Bash [quote]" command that retrieves quotes.
  • It's now possible to specify bot commands that should be performed on connect.
  • The seen command was improved and now displays more info about the last time the nick was seen.
  • Repeated shitlist warnings are ignored.
  • Improved service nicks detection.
  • Improved plugin sample.
  • Small interface improvements.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Now Web Service requests bypass proxys in order to avoid some firewall errors.
  • When restarting a connection, due to excess lag, the bot will rejoin the channels that were previously open.
  • Added a delay between consecutive messages in order to prevent server flood.
  • Ability to autojoin password protected channels.
  • Improved support for running the bot under limited accounts.
  • Improved plugin sample.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Ability to change Alice mode profile.
  • Added IMDB command that allows searching the database.
  • Added support to standard irc client commands like /me, /ame, /server, etc.
  • Improved plugin interface.
  • Improved news parser.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Improved function that imports settings from older versions of Chainsaw.
  • Ability to auto op/voice registered users and enforce channel modes.
  • It's now possible to disable lag checking.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL logging.
  • Improved service nicks detection (now there's no need to specify service masks).
  • Code refactoring and optimization.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Increased the timeout period that the bot waits before sending consecutive messages preventing the bot from flooding the server.
  • It's now possible to specify commands that should be performed on connect.
  • Added the ability to authenticate via PRIVMSG.
  • Code refactoring and optimization.
  • Bug fixes.


  • It's now possible to specify the temp ban duration, service masks (instead of service nicks) and the authentication command.
  • The temp ban duration on kick messages can now be disabled.
  • The sample plugin now shows how to add custom commands to the bot's command list.
  • Small changes on the plugin interface.
  • Improved english translation.
  • Improved news parser (specially when extracting news using html method).
  • Bug fixes.


  • The commands that require the bot to have op or half op status are only shown if the bot has that same status.
  • Added excess clones protection (disabled by default).
  • The bot now uses an alternative way of searching google and amazon if your isp uses a transparent proxy (like mine does) in order to avoid a System.InvalidOperationException.
  • Improved news parser.
  • Bug fixes.


  • The HTML log format was improved and is now more like the RTF log format.
  • Bot and registered users nicks are now shown with different colors.
  • Improved news parser.
  • Improved english translation.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Ability to cloak CTCP replys.
  • Added support to DCC Chat/Send.
  • Interface changes.
  • Changes on the plugin interface.
  • New smileys are recognized.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Bot can now be configured as IRC Client (only the !seen command).
  • Ability to specify which plugins should be loaded on startup.
  • Improved lag checking.
  • Menus are now based on NetXP.
  • The site salcentral was removed and the site osnews was added.
  • Improved english translation.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Ability to search news using regular expressions.
  • Option to disable colored nicks.
  • Small changes on the plugin interface.
  • Small interface changes.
  • New smileys were added.
  • Bug fixes.

 Version 3.0

  • The plugin interface was completely remodeled and now the plugins have much more control over the bot's actions.
  • The old plugins were deleted and a new plugin was added that allows the users to see the daily horoscope.
  • Service nicks are now shown with different colors.
  • Menus are now based on SandBar.
  • Several bug fixes.
  • New rss feeds were added.
  • Small interface changes.
  • Improved english translation.


  • Small interface changes and new icons were added.
  • Ops, voices and helpers nicks are shown with different colors.
  • Severall bug fixes.
  • Severall new smileys are recognized.
  • A New request id was added.
  • The number of helpers or half ops is now shown.
  • The assemblies ByteFX.Data and Reports were updated.


  • A bug that prevented the ident server from working correctly was fixed.
  • The command plg_calcjs was added and allows the evaluation of expressions written in
  • Alice mode was improved and no longer depends on Solace Web Service (that is only used as last resource).
  • Smileys of type :-) are now also recognized (before only smileys of type :) were recognized).
  • Its now possible to choose the color of the text to send on a menu.
  • The News Parser recognizes severall new HTML identities.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • English translation improved.


  • The installation/uninstallation of the web service was improved and integrated into Chainsaw.
  • The Web Service is now faster and uses Remoting instead of System Messaging Queue.
  • Besides the Web Service it's now possible to interact with Chainsaw by Remoting.
  • The commands bot_version and bot_listusers were removed and are now only available using the Web Service or Remoting.
  • Some of the settings no longer require Chainsaw to be restarted in order to be activated.
  • English translation was improved.
  • Small interface changes, bug fixes and an improved News Parser.


  • Calls made to Amazon Web Service were improved.
  • Severall bug fixes.
  • English translation was improved.
  • It's now possible to remove pisg style sheet so a custom style sheet can be added on the stats page header.
  • There are 2 different methods of adding the stats page header.


  • IPv6 support was improved and to run the bot in that mode pass the parameter -ipv6 in the command line.
  • The sample plugins were improved and a plugin that demonstrates a connection to an access database was added.
  • The memory consuption was reduced.
  • While configuring the bot, custom validated commands are no longer removed.
  • Better plugin management.
  • New smilies were added.


  • It's now possible to use Windows Authentication to log on MS SQL Server.
  • Alice mode is now also available on channels.
  • A reorganization was made on the command list.
  • English Translation improved.


  • Support to plugins that can be executed using the command PLG_Load plugin.
  • It's now possible to choose the language in the bot options instead of having to download different files.
  • It's now possible to configure text color, font name, font size and background color of the console text.
  • A new command that evaluates c# expressions was added (!calcC#).
  • Small bug fixes.


  • The bot now fully supports XCOPY deployment method.
  • English translation improved.
  • It's now possible to specify a header and a footer to the statistics page.
  • It's now possible to ignore the server MOTD.
  • User passwords are now stored using MD5 and are incompatible with previous bot versions.
  • Small bug fixes.


  • The logs are stored in different folders for every month.
  • Support to the IRC background colors was added and the text color codes are now correct.
  • Now the chat can (optionally) display smilies just like msn messenger.
  • Protection against bad nicks/idents.
  • Small interface changes.
  • Small bug fixes.


  • The number of users in a channel and the channel modes are now shown when toggling between channels.
  • The code has been optimized and now the bot is faster and consumes less resources.
  • More improvements on the english translation.
  • Several bug fixes.


  • Supports IPv6 network protocol (not tested though).
  • Improved the english translation a bit.
  • The inserts made on the database are now thread safe.
  • Small bug fixes.


  • A new method was added to the web service in order to list the users on a specified channel.
  • Private spam detection was improved.
  • The LOG format was removed and the bot automatically generates a .log file to every channel in which the bot is in in order to generate the statistics no matter what log format is chosen.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • It is now possible to specify the service's nicks.
  • Pisg integration is improved.


  • Caso o nick do bot esteja actualmente em uso o bot remove o ghost existente em vez de mudar de nick.
  • Foi adicionado suporte a registos no formato Access (MDB) e MySQL.
  • Foi adicionado suporte para o parâmetro /hidden que oculta a execução do bot.
  • Melhorações nos menus personalizados.
  • Sempre que a ligação ao servidor cair ela será retomada.
  • O código corre agora na .NET Framework 1.1.


  • Foi corrigido um memory leak na assembly Pmcc.Socket que fazia com que o bot acabasse por terminar com falta de memória.
  • Foram feitas diversas alterações nos menus que agora são baseados no Magic Library.
  • A edição de listas/comentários do bot está agora mais fácil.
  • É agora possível pesquisar noticias contendo palavras especificas em apenas um determinado site.
  • Foram adicionados mais 4 sites de notícias configurados.


  • É possível imprimir o conteúdo da consola a partir do próprio Chainsaw.
  • A gestão da lista de utilizadores odiados foi melhorada.
  • É mostrado para cada utilizador do bot o seu estado actual (online/offline).
  • Foram corrigidos mais alguns bugs existentes e feitas mais algumas optimizações no código.
  • A detecção das máscaras dos utilizadores foi melhorada.


  • Interface melhorado (mais propriamente nos menus e respectivas cores).
  • Suporte para múltiplos idiomas.
  • O tab order foi corrigido nas diversas caixas de diálogo.
  • Vários bugs corrigidos e pequenas optimizações no código.
  • O servidor de ident já funciona correctamente.
  • O comando bot_seen foi melhorado.
  • Foi adicionado o comando bot_action.
  • É agora possível importar algumas das definições de uma instalação anterior do bot.


  • Foram adicionados os comentários EightBall.
  • Suporte para scripts na linguagem VB.NET removendo assim os interops necessários á execução de vbscripts e jscripts.
  • Melhorações no Web Service e um novo método para obter a versão do bot.
  • Vários bugs corrigidos, pequenas optimizações no código e na assembly Pmcc.Sockets.


  • Caso a ligação caia ou ocorra um erro ao ligar ao servidor o bot tentará ligar-se novamente.
  • A configuração do pisg é agora feita automaticamente pelo bot.
  • É possível eliminar as estatísticas dos canais.
  • Apenas uma instância do Chainsaw pode ser aberta, os comandos fornecidos ás instâncias seguintes serão fornecidos á instância em execução como se fossem introduzidos na consola (nivel 10).
  • O parser de notícias foi melhorado.
  • Foram feitas alterações na interface de modo a ficar mais “user friendly”.
  • Foi adicionado suporte a Web Services (requer o IIS instalado).
  • O nivel do utilizador do Web Service é 1 por predefinição (para alterar para um nível superior terá de adicionar individualmente cada ip como se de um utilizador se tratasse).


  • É agora possível guardar os registos em formato HTML.
  • O parser de notícias foi melhorado e foi adicionado mais um site de notícias.
  • Caso ocorra um erro ao avaliar uma expressão no comando plg_calcvb o script engine é reiniciado e é mostrada a razão de a expressão ter produzido um erro.
  • A avaliação de expressões com vírgula flutuante foi melhorada.
  • Foram adicionados novos comandos.
  • Os comandos validados baseados no comando \google fornecem melhores resultados.
  • O código foi optimizado para uma maior rapidez.
  • Foram feitas algumas alterações na interface especialmente nos menus.
  • Caso o texto a enviar exceda os 466 bytes (limite imposto pela PtNet) o texto é dividido e enviado por partes evitando deste modo o envio incompleto do texto.
  • Foi adicionado suporte (ainda na fase experimental) ao BITS.
  • A caixa de diálogo adicionar item (no menu Editar>Listas) mostra os parâmetros do item a adicionar.


  • Initial release.