Chainsaw is a Windows IRC bot meant to administrate a channel or simply as a replacement to mirc.


  • Secure servers connections supported via SSL.
  • Ability to generate channel statistics using pisg.
  • IPv6 network protocol and multi server support.
  • Sample plugins that allows users to see the whois domain records and query the state of game servers for 105 supported games including Counter Strike, Quake 3 and Doom 3.
  • Web Service and remoting server to interact with the bot.
  • Commands that quickly retrieve news topics from severall sites using either RSS or Atom feeds.
  • AutoJoin channels list (channels that the bot should enter automatically after a connection to a server has been established) with message (optional) to the nicks that join those channels.
  • Protections against flood (ctcp, invite, notice, nick) and text (repeated, excess chars, bad words, bad nicks/idents, advertising and spam) on channels and private.
  • Include/exclude ops and voices of protections.
  • DCC Chat/Send support.
  • Users whith level bellow 0 are automatically kicked/banned as soon as the bot sees them.
  • Complete logging of all channels, privates with the bot and spamlog in severall formats: RTF, HTML, MS SQL Server, FireBird SQL Server, PostgreSQL Server and SQLite.
  • Execute VB.NET and C# functions through the commands !calc and !calcC#.
  • A.I. module (if alice mode is activated) so the bot can pretend to be human when someone talks with him.
  • IMDB command that allows searching the database.
  • Bash command that retrieves quotes.

Download Chainsaw 6.7.406
1.9 MB

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows requires the .NET Framework 4.0 or later.