1. Configure validated commands, bot nick (and password if required), bot users and autojoin channels through the menu Options>Bot and Options>Server.
  2. Connect and watch the bot join the autojoin channel.
  3. To manually join other channels type /j #channel.
  4. Connect to the irc server the bot is connected to (you can connect the bot to an irc server using the command /s [server][:[+]port] [password]) and the channel the bot is in.
  5. If your nick is in the bot user list do !pass password (one is the default password) in private with him (you can add a nick to the bot user list by using the command \user_add nick level "Hello <nick>!" (where level is a value from 1 to 10).
  6. The bot will say "Password correct.".
  7. Use !help to explore and at least change your password with !setpass newpassword.


How do I authenticate the bot on...


  1. Open Options>Server>Commands and add the item '/msg hello'.
  2. Open Options>Server>General.
  3. On the 'Authentication' section set Mask to '', Command to 'AUTH <nick> <password>' and enable 'Authenticate via PRIVMSG'
  4. Connect to server and the bot should authenticate.


  1. Open Options>Bot>General, configure bot Nick, Pass.
  2. Open Options>Server>Commands and add the item '/AT AUTH <nick> <password>'.
  3. Connect to server and the bot should authenticate.


How can I run the bot as Windows Service?

Detailed instructions are available here.


How can I query game servers without specifying the ip address?

Create a new bind with:
\bind_add !myserver "!query Quake3" 1
(note this will only work if the QueryGameServer plugin is loaded).

How can I customize the generation of channel statistics?

To use pisg directly in the bot do the following:

  1. Download and install pisg and Active Perl.
  2. On Options>Logs>Pisg specify the pisg main file in the Location field and the output folder on the statistics field.
  3. Use view View>Statistics>Update to refresh the statistics and View>Statistics>Channels to view the generated files.

Chainsaw uses the file C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Pmcc\Chainsaw\Pisg.cfg

You can modify the options in this file (for a list of all configuration options see but every time you open the dialog Tools>Options and click the 'OK' button this file will be regenerated.


How do I make the bot auto op/voice users?

Open Options>Protections>Channels and enable 'Give Op/Voice to registered users'. If this option is disabled you will need to specify more specific hostnames to users with level >1 (instead of nick!*@* use nick!ident@* if the ip ends with

With this option activated the bot checks the user level, if the user has access to the !op command he will be opped ditto for the !voice command.

How do I make the bot auto connect on startup?

Start chainsaw with the -silent parameter (the -hidden parameter works the same except it doesn't show the icon on the system tray).


How do I make the bot auto join channels?

Open Options>Server>Channels and add the channels to the list (if a password for the bot nick has been specified the bot will wait for a password request and identify himself before joining the autojoin channels). You can also edit the Commands list to specify additional commands.


How do I install the Web Service in IIS?

  1. Unzip the file Web to the folder C:\Inetpub\wwwroot
  2. Open Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services.
  3. Open chainsaw Properties and create a new Application named chainsaw with Execute Permissions of Scripts and Executables.
  4. Make sure the bot is running with the remoting server enabled.
  5. Open your browser with http://localhost/chainsaw/Service.asmx