Basic Commands

\Bash [quote]
   Retrieves a random quote from
\BindList [command]
   Shows the command list, up to the current user level.
   Shows the list of files available via dcc.
\Dump [name]
\Google query
   Searches Google for <query>.
   Shows the identified users list.
\IMDB query
   Searches IMDB for <query>.
\Lock [password]
   Locks the console with <password>.
   Shows the bot's temporary shitlist.
   Shows the bot users list.
   Shows the known words list.
14 commands.

Advanced Commands

 \Bind_Add !command action level [arguments] [description]
    Adds <command> to the validated commands list.
 \Bind_Del !command
    Deletes <command> from the validated commands list.
 \Bind_Level !command level
    Changes the user <level> required to run <command>.
 \Bot_Action [#channel | nick] text
    Sends action with <text> to <nick>.
 \Bot_Away [msg]
    Sets the bot away with the specified reason, or without reason, disables away.
 \Bot_Ban nick | mask [#channel] [duration]
    Bans <nick> or <mask> on <#channel>.
 \Bot_Bk nick [#channel]
    Deop, ban and kick <nick> on <#channel>.
 \Bot_Cdeop [nick] [#channel]
    Uses chanserv to deop <nick> on <#channel>.
 \Bot_CheckPass password
    Identifies a user with the bot. Can't be used in a channel.
 \Bot_Cop [nick] [#channel]
    Uses chanserv to op <nick> on <#channel>.
 \Bot_Deop [nick] [#channel]
    Deop <nick> on <#channel>.
 \Bot_Devoice [nick] [#channel]
    Devoice <nick> on <#channel>.
 \Bot_Invite nick [#channel]
    Invites <nick> to <#channel>.
 \Bot_Join #channel
    Joins <#channel>.
 \Bot_Joke [nick]
    Tells a joke about <nick>'s mother.
 \Bot_Kick nick [#channel] [reason]
    Kicks <nick> on <#channel>, with <reason>.
    Shows the current user access level.
 \Bot_Nick [nick]
    Changes bot nick to <nick>.
 \Bot_NickOMeter nick
 \Bot_Notice [#channel | nick] text
    Sends a notice with <text> to <nick>.
    Does nothing, only usefull for plugins.
 \Bot_Op [nick] [#channel]
    Gives op to <nick> on <#channel>.
 \Bot_Part #channel [reason]
    Parts <#channel>, with <reason>.
 \Bot_Pass [password]
    Changes bot password to <password>.
 \Bot_Peak [#channel]
    Shows the maximum number of simultaneous users on <#channel>.
 \Bot_Quote command
    Sends <command> to the irc server.
 \Bot_Quit [msg]
    Makes the bot quit with the specified message.
 \Bot_Randkick [#channel]
    Kicks a random non op user from <#channel> or from the channel where this command has been entered.
 \Bot_Raw command
    Executes <command> on the console.
    Restarts the bot.
 \Bot_Rose nick
    Shows a rose to the specified nick.
 \Bot_Seen nick
    Shows the last time that <nick> has been seen by the bot.
 \Bot_Say [#channel | nick] text
    Sends <text> to <#channel> or <nick>.
 \Bot_SayElite [#channel | nick] text
    Sends <text> with elite letters to <#channel> or <nick>.
 \Bot_SayMirror [#channel | nick] text
    Sends <text> with letters reversed to <#channel> or <nick>.
    Shows some informations about the bot's current state.
    Shows the current date/time.
 \Bot_Topic [#channel] text
    Changes the topic of current channel or the channel specified by <#channel>, to <text>.
 \Bot_Unban nick | mask [#channel]
    Removes the ban to <nick> or <mask> on <#channel>.
 \Bot_Voice [nick] [#channel]
    Gives voice to <nick> on <#channel>.
 \DCC_Chat nick
    Starts a dcc chat session with <nick>.
 \DCC_Send nick file
 \News_Get news [words]
    Updates news.
 \News_Search [words]
 \PLG_CalcCS expression
    Evaluates the value of <expression>.
 \PLG_CalcVB expression
    Evaluates the value of <expression>.
 \PLG_Load plugin
 \PLG_Unload plugin
 \SV_Connect [server][:[+]port] [password]
    Establishes a connection to <server> <port>.
    Terminates connection to the server.
 \User_Add mask level [msg] [#allowedChannels]
    Adds <mask> with <level> and <msg> to the registered users list.
 \User_Del mask
    Deletes <mask> from the registered users list.
 \User_Level mask level
 \User_Msg mask [msg]
    Changes the welcome message of <mask> to <msg>.
 \User_Pass mask password
    Changes the password of <mask> to <password>.
 \Word_Add word meaning
    Adds <word> with <meaning> to the known words list.
 \Word_Append word meaning
    Appends to <word> the <meaning> on the known words list.
 \Word_Del word
    Deletes <word> from the known words list.
 \Word_Query word
    Shows the meaning of <word>.
 59 commands.

Validated Commands

 Level 10: !Away, !Bind, !BotPass, !Delete, !Disconnect, !Lock, !Nick, !Quit, !Quote, !Raw
 Level 9: !Cmdlevel, !Connect, !Join, !Part, !Reload, !UserAdd, !UserDel, !UserLevel, !UserMsg, !UserPass
 Level 8: !Load, !NewsRefresh, !NewsSearch, !Unload
 Level 7: !Cdeop, !Cop, !Forget, !Id, !Learn, !Learn+, !ShitList, !Status, !Topic, !Wordlist
 Level 6: !Inquirer, !NeoWin, !Slashdot
 Level 5: !Ban, !Bk, !DCCChat, !DCCList, !DCCSend, !Deop, !Invite, !Kick, !Op, !Randkick, !Unban
 Level 4: !Action, !Notice, !SetMsg
 Level 3: !Devoice, !Peak, !SayElite, !SayMirror, !UserList, !Voice
 Level 2: !Bash, !Joke, !Nickometer, !Rose, !Say, !SetPass
 Level 1: !Calc, !CalcC#, !Google, !Help, !IMDB, !Level, !Pass, !Seen, !Time, ??
 76 validated commands.

mIRC Commands

/action or /me text
    Sends the specifed <text> to the active channel or query window.
/ame text
    Sends the specifed <text> to all channels which you are currently on.
/away text
    Sets you away leave a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC.
/ban [#channel] nick
    Bans the specified <nick> from the curent or given channel.
/chat nick
    Starts a dcc session with <nick>.
/dop [nick] [#channel]
    Deops <nick> on <channel>.
/join or /j #channel
    Makes you join the specified <channel>.
/kick or /k [#channel] nick
    Kicks <nick> off a given channel.
/msg or /query nick text
    Sends <text> to <nick>.
/nick <nick>
    Changes your nickname to whatever you like.
/part or /p [#channel] [message]
    Makes you leave the specified channel.
/quit [reason]
    Disconnects you from IRC with the optional byebye message.
/raw or /quote <command>
    Sends any raw command you supply directly to the server.
/server or /s [server][:[+]port] [password]
    Reconnects to the previous server or a newly specified one.
    Rejoins the current channel.
/send nick file
    Sends <file> to <nick> via dcc.