Batch File Modifier

What are the file attributes?

The Read-Only attribute

This bit is useful to make a file write-protected by software. Read only files will not be deleted under normal circumstances. Certain files in Windows  are kept as Read-only by default (e.g., the system registry files). Before you can delete or overwrite a Read-only file, you must remove the Read-only file attribute bit.

The Hidden and System attribute

The purpose of the Hidden attribute bit is to make the file invisible in certain applications file list display. Since many file applications have the feature to ignore the Hidden attribute bit, files with the Hidden attribute bit are not always invisible.

The System attribute specifies that the file is part of the operating system or is used exclusively by the operating system.

The Archive attribute

The purpose of the Archive attribute is to quickly determine whether a file requires a back up (archiving). The Archive attribute is set whenever an existing file is either overwritten or modified (i.e., renamed or moved to another directory) by the file system.

A new file is usually created with the Archive attribute set. The idea is to have a utility or application program to take the responsibility of clearing the Archive bit when a file is successfully backed up. The next system backup operation will be made much more efficient by focusing only on the files with the Archive attribute bit set which are either newly created or modified in any way since all the Archive attributes are cleared the last time (i.e., the last backup time).


What is HTML Tidy?

HTML Tidy is a program whose purpose is to fix invalid HTML and give the source code a reasonable layout (aka indent style).
Examples of bad code it is able to fix:


What are the supported tag formats?