The main window allows you to select one of four different wizards to begin simply select one of them and click 'Next'.

The 'Registry' menu Allows you to export a complete copy of your system registry for backup purposes, restore a complete backup or optimize the registry by compacting it.

The 'Drivers' menu allows you to backup and restore device drivers. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice. Then when you format and reinstall/upgrade your operating system, you can restore all the saved drivers just as if you had the original driver disks. After one system reboot, your PC will be loaded and running with the required hardware drivers.

Note: Microsoft device drivers are automatically installed when detected, so it is NOT necessary to back them up.

Allows you to select a different user interface language.
Restore changes made by Baku on the system registry.


The settings window allows you to customize severall options for the selected wizard. Begginers should not modify the default options without reading the option help description.

Shows detailed info about the selected options.

File types

Add a new filetype to search.
Remove existing filetype.
Toggles between searched and ignored filetypes.


Add a custom location to search.
Remove existing custom location.

You can also specify locations that should be ignored by clicking the 'Exclusions' button.


Add a key to ignore/always delete.
Remove existing key from the list.
Toggles between ignored and keys to delete.


Selects all items.
Inverts selection.
Starts regedit allowing you to view the selected item in detail.
Shows detailed info about the selected item.


Here you can see the size that has just been freed on your hard disks. Some files may be in use by other applications and can't be deleted so when you see the text 'Restart pending' it means they will be deleted when Windows is restarted. To view wich files were not deleted and why click on 'Details'.